How does the whole thing work?

The Campus Superstar production team arrive on Campus and carry out a 2 day event with the students.

Design element.

Day 1:

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DAY 1 is audition day.  Open auditions where any student that wants to try out for the competition gets to have their chance to show their talent in front of the camera in the Campus Superstar audition booth. Later that day, the CS team and a select number of your very own Campus Activities Board will go through the auditions and pick the best and most unique performers to be selected to perform in the full LIVE show the following day.

Emotional singer performing at Campus Superstar Live
On stage at campus superstar live

Day 2:

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DAY 2 is the main event.  The Campus Superstar production team will be working hard to put together the full live show for later that day.  Students are invited to come along, watch the live show and be a part of the whole experience.  Not only do they get to watch an awesome live show they also will be the people who vote on who gets crowned ‘Campus Superstar’ for their school.